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Dear friends and customers, 

We hope that this second lockdown has been bearable and that you and your families are all well.

Tapisserie has continued to operate in a reduced fashion but that is not to say that we haven't been very busy making up customers projects such as stockings, cushions, ornaments, handbags, slippers and so on.

We have also continued to design special orders as well as produce new designs.

Below are two examples: 'Monsieur Hibou' and 'Blossom and Snow in Osaka'. Both are wonderful projects for those looking for something other than floral to embroider.

We have also included in this newsletter a lot of ornaments that are currently available and next week, we shall email to our database stock designs - at the express request of customers who are not London based -.

With all good wishes, 

Hayat and Anastasia

If you would like to place any orders to be completed in time for Christmas, please call or email us first.

IMG_0339 (2).jpg

Monsieur Hibou



Les Nomades I & II (40x40cm)

Vionnay (30x40cm)

IMG_3043 (1).jpg

M with Gold Ivy (35x35cm)


 Chamonix Stockings

Nelsy (25x25cm) can be painted in any colour.

Ruby Ornament


One the Slopes - Montana - Red Chalet


Stag's Head - Christmas Pudding II - Tartan Stag


Robin with Berries - Large Holly - Tartan Square


Selection of made up ornaments 


Under the Mistletoe - Gem Snowflake - Cadeau

Rocking Horse - Bougies (petit)


Love Cross

Christmas Tag - Gem Snowflake - Pudding

Christmas Cottage

Christmas Friends- Christmas Mouse - Robin in a Puddle

Joe the Donkey - Christmas Hare

Mistletoe Hedgehog

IMG_0758 (1).jpg

Blossom and Snow in Osaka

IMG_2832 (1).jpg


                     Helena (40x50cm)


Helena Panels*

Years ago, one of our very first customers from Norway commissioned those panels for her chalet . Little did we know that they were going to be elevated to be more than just rugs or ottomans.

Here they are looking simply stunning on either side of the bookcase, the different backgrounds make them stand out even more in a room that is rich with various patterns.

They add so much individuality and style to the room and are truly inspirational and aspirational.

* We posted this image on our Instagram page last week. This repeat is for customers who are not followers

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