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Dear Customers and Friends,

Not sure where the summer has gone this year because it's really hard to believe that we are a week away from August.

Anastasia and I will be taking a few days off from this evening until Monday 3 August when we reopen at10am. We will pick up emails remotely and take calls from time to time as our fixed line is now linked to a mobile number.

I thought you might enjoy this cornucopia of summer fruit.

A couple of designs are almost as old as Tapisserie which shows they are no age at all!

Upon our return, we are planning a flash sale via a dedicated newsletter.

In the meantime, keep well and safe and hope you're having a wonderful summer.




Tonnelle de Fruits (60cm x 60cm)

This is quite a big design that could make a beautiful fire screen for a holiday home perhaps?


Fruits d'Ete (35cm x 45cm)


Myrtilles et Papillons (40cm x 50cm) 

This is the newest addition to our Fruit and Veg Folder.


Fruits Renaissance (25cm x 30cm)

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