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Newsletter 19
Summer 2016
To celebrate our 30th anniversary
from Saturday 9 July to Saturday 23 July
we will offer our customers 30% discount
on all our current stock of canvasses  
Tapisserie's interiors until 2009
Tapisserie is known for its extensive archive of classical needlework designs. 
'Figaro' illustrated above, was the first ever canvas sold on the day we opened.
Country Life et al...
In 1997, we designed for Country Life magazine a canvas to mark their centenary. Over the years, we have produced countless slippers designs, coats of arms and of course portraits of dogs and all sorts of animals.
All sales were hand written in red ledgers until 1994
Counted stitch and abstract designs were very popular from the word go
Bags and Bows
We started designing handbags in the mid nineties and anything with bows remained a best seller for the longest time!
All the frills!
And the best sellers for over 20 years were frilly chintzy baskets of all shapes and sizes.
Even the Queen of Hearts was not spared the frilly treatment.
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