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One of our customers has filled a small spare room in her house with her collection of framed needlework.
The mirror gives the illusion of space and makes the whole ensemble work extremely together.

Pini Panel with Iris

The more flowers the better!

This panel is one of a pair, the other is not yet ready but will be as stunning as the above.

Painted on gauge 18, the flowers are surprisingly easy to shade in silk, cotton or wool.

Mackintosh Roses
Perfect design for this time of year.
The stripes are in four different colours with scattered  beads for added effect.
Italian Landscape Garden
We couldn't resist copying Klimt.
Michele, our French artist,  has worked wonders painting this complex garden detail.
It is one out of three.
Please let us know if you would like to see them all.
The size of the design is small but it is a project for someone ready for a challenge. 
The cardoons are beautifully shaded in all tones of hot pink wool and stand out against the deep dark blue green background which is a colour we often recommend for slippers.
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